Increase your AUM

We co-invest with carefully selected GPs with proven track records. Equilink, your single point of contact, guarantees seamless deal execution on time.

Single point of contact: Equilink

GPs and managers can access additional private wealth AUM for their co-investment deals by dealing exclusively with us, avoiding the need to foster relationships with many investors. We ensure timely execution and hassle-free access backed by our network of wealth managers, banks, and family offices.

Challenges of going after private wealth & Equilink's benefits

Fragmented Market

To cover the many players requires significant time & resources.

Time Consuming

Difficult to manage the investment process & and investors' interactions and execute the deal on time.


Significant administrative, onboarding, AML, and paperwork burdens.


High overhead cost to access private wealth funding sources.

Regulation & Geography

Complex regulations and distribution rules in different regions.

Increase Revenue

Generate additional fees minus the burden of setting up internal teams or other costs.

Deal Closing

Execute deals efficiently & in a timely manner.

Additional AUM

Capture the rising trend of private wealth allocation to private markets.

Hassle Free Access 

Bypass administrative burden of onboarding, KYC, AML, etc.

Single Point of Contact

Simplify your investment process through a single point of contact.

How it works

Streamlined & efficient investment process

It starts with a careful selection process of GPs and investment managers.

Deal submission & review by equilink

Deal review by wealth managers

Investment & closing

Access private wealth AUM