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Importance of private markets for wealth managers

Booming Investor Interest

Capture the increase in investors' demand to invest in attractive direct deals rather than funds.

Superior Return Potential

Private markets offer enhanced risk adjusted returns unafforded by the public markets.

Enhanced Diversification

Private markets offer diversification benefits and are increasingly considered essential to a well-balanced portfolio.

Private markets investment challenges & Equilink's benefits

Internal Team

Need for dedicated internal teams covering private market strategies & regions.


High staff, admin, & legal overhead associated with private markets investing.

Deal Sourcing

Hard to ensure high-quality deal flow across different strategies.

Ticket Size

A large minimum ticket size is a prerequisite for entry into private markets.

Portfolio Management

Time-consuming portfolio management, paperwork & reporting

Illiquid Investment

Typically, involving a longer-term & illiquid Investment.

Capture the Opportunity

Capture the rising trend of private wealth allocation to private markets.

 Expertise & Geography

Access multiple PE strategies & wider geographies in one single platform.

Cost Efficient

Bypass the need to set up huge internal private markets teams & be cost-efficient.

Low Minimum Tickets

Invest with a low minimum ticket size at $125k.

Increase Revenue

Expand offerings to your clients & generate additional revenues.


Generate liquidity via Equilink's secondary marketplace.


Equilink digitalizes the investment process, from deal selection to structuring to execution. We remove the confusion around private markets through a transparent, paperless process.

Careful selection of GPs & curated deals

Equilink diligently selects GPs and managers with the requisite expertise and a proven track record and rigorously scrutinizes every opportunity published on the platform.

How it works

Streamlined & efficient investment process

Bridging the gap between wealth managers and general partners by providing a streamlined process.




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