Unlocking Opportunities: 4 Top Trends in Private Equity Explained

Unlocking Opportunities: 4 Top Trends in Private Equity Explained

Top 4 Private Equity Trends 2024
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In a dynamic financial landscape, private capital remains a pivotal component of diversified investment portfolios. Over the past decade, the growth trajectory of assets under management (AUM) in private markets has consistently overtaken public markets, attracting substantial institutional and private investor interest.

The focus of this article is to guide you in exploring key growth areas, including buyout funds, private equity expansions, direct lending, and infrastructure investments. Let’s explore where these avenues lead in the realm of private capital.


  • Buyout Funds:
    • Current Landscape and Projections: From a current AUM of $4.0 trillion in 2022, buyout funds are expected to escalate to $7.3 trillion by 2028. This sector remains a cornerstone for substantial, controlled investments in mature companies.
    • Why invest? The preference for buyout funds is driven by their potential for stability and superior returns; They represent a smart choice for controlling significant stakes in established companies.
    • Implications for Portfolio Management: For wealth managers, enhancing allocations to buyout funds could significantly improve portfolio performance through diversification and superior returns.

  • Private Equity Growth Funds:
    • Market Evolution: With AUM poised to grow from $1.1 trillion in 2022 to $2.2 trillion by 2028, private equity growth funds are integral in financing companies at critical expansion stages.
    • Investment Appeal: These funds provide a nuanced risk-return profile, enabling participation in emerging industries and innovative sectors without the heightened risks associated with venture capital.
    • Portfolio Strategy: They offer wealth managers an Ideal deal for clients seeking to be part of the next big thing in sectors ripe with technological advancements.
  • Direct Lending:
    • Sector Growth Forecast: Anticipated to double from $0.5 trillion in 2022 to $1.0 trillion by 2028, direct lending stands out as a viable alternative to traditional banking channels.
    • Market Dynamics: With banks pulling back, direct lending increases, offering stable, attractive yields in an unpredictable rate environment.
    • Investment Opportunities: Wealth managers might consider this for those looking for consistent income, especially income-focused portfolios.

Direct lending

  • Infrastructure Investments:
    • Growth Projections: Expected to reach $1.7 trillion by 2028 from $1.1 trillion in 2022, driven by the global imperative for sustainable infrastructure.
    • Current Market Relevance: This aligns with the pressing need for durable and environmentally sustainable development, offering long-term investment prospects.
    • Strategic Recommendations: Infrastructure investments should be considered a protective measure with perks. It can serve as a hedge against inflation.
Real estate


The expanding universe of private capital offers a range of strategic opportunities that are both lucrative and forward-thinking for wealth managers. As we have explored, buyout funds, private equity growth/expansion funds, direct lending, and infrastructure investments each offer unique opportunities to enhance and diversify investment portfolios achieving both short-term gains and long-term strategic growth.

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