The Dynamic Fintech VC Landscape – Q1 2024 review


Introduction “Financial technology,” or Fentech, represents the intersection of finance and technology, aiming to innovate and improve financial services. The journey of fintech VC (venture capital) has been transformative, evolving from niche investments to a cornerstone of modern finance. A Brief Overview of Fintech VC The 1990s and Early 2000s The roots of fintech can […]

US Private Equity Key Insights for Wealth Managers in 2024

US Public PE and GP Deal Roundup.

Introduction As 2024 advances, the private equity (PE) landscape continually evolves, with its challenges and opportunities for wealth managers and investors. The Q1 2024 US Public PE and GP Deal Roundup from PitchBook offers comprehensive insights into the US private equity market. PE Performance: Stability Amid Market Fluctuations In the first quarter of 2024, the top seven […]

The Future of AI and ML 2024 insights


Introduction Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are transforming industries, creating unparalleled opportunities for investors and innovators. The Q1 2024 Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Report by PitchBook delivers in-depth insights into these dynamic fields and emerging trends. Market Landscape and Leading Players The AI and ML sectors are witnessing significant growth, driven by industry giants like […]

Unicorns, Valuations, and Trends: A look into Europe’s Venture Capital Landscape

venture capital

Introduction Europe has solidified its role as a pivotal hub for unicorn companies, boasting 139 active unicorns as of the first quarter 2024. These high-impact enterprises are capturing the attention of the global investment community, signaling prime opportunities for investors and wealth managers. The Ascent of European Unicorns: The rapid increase in unicorn companies across Europe […]

Unlocking Opportunities: 4 Top Trends in Private Equity Explained

Top 4 Private Equity Trends 2024

Introduction In a dynamic financial landscape, private capital remains a pivotal component of diversified investment portfolios. Over the past decade, the growth trajectory of assets under management (AUM) in private markets has consistently overtaken public markets, attracting substantial institutional and private investor interest. The focus of this article is to guide you in exploring key […]

Trends in PE: Shift Towards Smaller Add-On Deals in 2024

Understanding Add-On Deals in Private Equity In the private equity (PE) landscape, add-on deals have emerged as a strategic cornerstone for growth and value creation. These transactions, also known as bolt-ons, involve a PE firm acquiring additional companies that merge with a platform company within their existing portfolio. This approach has gained prominence as it […]

5 Reasons Why Sustainable Infrastructure Funds are Attracting Investors?

Sustainable Infrastructure investing

Introduction Recently, private fund investment in sustainable infrastructure has seen a remarkable rise. Driven by many factors, including regulatory support, market demands, and technological advancements, this trend addresses pressing global challenges such as climate change and aging infrastructures and promises substantial returns. Here, we explore the five key reasons private funds are increasingly channeling their […]

2023 Real Estate Fundraising Trends: Hits a 10-Year Low in 2023

real estate fundraising

Introduction The year 2023 marked a challenging period for real estate fundraising, witnessing a downturn to levels not seen in a decade. This decline has sparked conversations around the factors and their broader implications on the real estate sector. This article looks into the dynamics behind the fundraising slump, offering insights into the evolving landscape […]

Insights into Fundraising Shifts and Opportunities for Private Markets

Introduction: The landscape of private market fundraising underwent significant transformations in 2023, marked by pivotal shifts in investor behavior and capital allocation. This analysis aims to analyze the key trends, from the noticeable decline in Funds of Funds (FoFs) to the rise of secondaries and major fund closures, offering insights into the changing dynamics of […]

Transparency & Regulation in Private Markets through a Blackstone Case Study

Transparency & Regulation in Private Markets

Transparency and Regulation in Private Markets The evolution of private markets is a tale of adaptation and transformation, marked by an increasing demand for transparency and a more stringent regulatory landscape.  In this article, we will explore how Blackstone, a major player in the private equity sector, is addressing transparency. Transparency and Regulatory Changes:  Historically […]